Keeping Your Home Safe: Identifying 5 Common Safety Hazards

Home Safety Tips

If you're like most people, then part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle includes keeping your home in good condition. Some parts to consider are cleanliness, safety hazards, and decoration. You know that there are aspects of these categories that require attention every day, but have you considered the severity of some safety risks? From unneccessary clutter to hard-to-spot mould, there are many things you don't want happening in your home.

Let's take a look at 5 common safety hazards that might be hiding in your house right now.

1. Fire Hazards

Fire Safety

A fire hazard doesn't always mean that there's a lit candle somewhere or leftover ashes in an ashtray. It can also be something as simple as clothing, paper, and food scraps that have been left near a heating vent. To best protect yourself from fire hazards, be sure to properly maintain your smoke detector and keep up with the required battery checks.

2. Unneccessary Clutter

Unnecessary clutter can be dangerous if ignored. It might seem like harmless memorabilia taking up space, but it's crucial to keep your home neat and tidy. Unneccessary clutter can lead to slip-and-fall accidents, fire hazards, or heavy items falling and causing damage. Make it a habit to always throw out things you know you don't need, and be aware of how it could affect your safety.

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3. Mould and Mildew

Cleaning The Shower

Not only is mould unsightly, but it can also be unsafe for your family to live with. Mould spores are very small and easy to inhale, which means they can lead to allergies and respiratory issues if not cleaned up immediately. While you might not be able to see it at first, you can always tell if there's a presence of mould just by the smell. If you've ever noticed that your house smells slightly musty, then there's definitely something wrong with the air quality. It could be as simple as an issue with humidity or ventilation, but either way it needs to be fixed immediately.

4. Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is a gas produced by faulty heating systems, boilers, fireplaces, grills, automobiles, power generators, and other appliances. It can be potentially fatal if someone breathes in too much of the gas. Be sure to have your heating system checked by a professional regularly for any signs of leakage.

5. Trips and Falls

Trips and Falls

Falling is one of the most common causes of accidents in a home. People can trip over unlevel steps, loose floorboards, rugs, or even items that have been left out in walkways. You should check for uneven flooring, replace any loose boards, and make sure there's nothing obstructing a clear path from one room to another.

Keeping your home safe and being aware of potential hazards is incredibly important for the health and wellbeing of you and your family. Not only is it important for your family, but you need to keep these safety issues in mind when you're getting ready to sell your home as well. When it comes to selling your home, it's incredibly important to stay up-to-date on the standard safety codes in order to pass home inspections and keep everyone safe and healthy thoughout the transaction.

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