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The RBRE Group 20 Fun Facts About Thad

Here are 20 Fun Facts about the RBRE Group's in house ninja and master of all things real estate. Thaddeus (Thad) is an integral part of what makes our team work so well and brings a bit of comedic relief around the office.
1) My wife and I bought our first home a week after our wedding. Instead of a honeymoon we went house hunting.
Thad Usovsky
2) I was born at Boone Hospital in Columbia and have not stopped loving and living in Columbia since!
3) I’m the youngest of 3 kids. My brother is 7.5 years old and my sister 5.5 years older. They think I’m perpetually 5 years old and treat me as such.
4) I’ve wanted to be a realtor since I was 12. Before I had my license, I would make my mom or dad drive me to the builder’s parade of homes, drive through established and new neighborhoods, all while constantly repeating that I would be a realtor “when I grow up”. It only took me until I was 29 to make the dream reality.

20 Fun Facts about Holly

The RBRE Group

20 Fun Facts about Holly

  1. I love Lakota coffee and I always order a 4-shot iced white chocolate mocha.  Did I say Love? I meant addicted.  My day cannot start until after I've had one.
  2. I eat Tabasco on everything.
  3. My family is from an island called the Seychelles. It is on the east coast of Africa above Madagascar. My mom came here from the island in 1982.Secheles Islands
  4. I have a beautiful little girl named Monroe; she lights up my life.
  5. I love to laugh. 
  6. I love my little girl Monroe’s laugh. Her laugh is contagious and her face lights up. It makes me smile and feel a love I never thought was possible. Monroe smiling
  7. Christmas is my favorite holiday, I love the spirit of the season, the gathering, the decorating, and the Christmas music.Holly and Monroe
  8. I love to make fresh floral arrangements. I enjoy picking up fresh flowers from Gerbes on Broadway on my way home.  Arranging them, adding a pop of color and the scents around the house makes me smile.Flower Arrangement Holly...