Sassy Rosie

The Story of ShowMeRosie

My Story

By Rosie Apparatus

1969 American Apparatus Pumper Truck

6 Cylinders - 1000 Cubic Inches of Sass - 4 Speed - Seats 20

 The day Rosie  came home SMC

First of all, I ain’t old ‘nuff to be retired. That’s what I told them folks at the firehouse anyways. They said to me, “Rosie, you’re older than erry body here, ‘cept the chief, and he ain’t went on a call since most of us was just a twinkle in our daddies’ eyes.” Of course I made a fuss, but it ain’t do no good.

Next thing I know I’m gettin’ all gussied up for some parade by a buncha ol’ men wearing those funny-lookin’ hats with the little tassels a hangin’ off ‘em.  It was the silliest thing I ever saw, I tell you what.  Caught my reflection in a storefront window during the procession, and I’ll be darned if them boys didn’t have me a shinin’ and lookin’ good as I ever did.  Them Shriners in St. Louis is some pretty skilled folk.

That’s how it went for ol’ Rosie for quite a spell. I’d lay low in the garage a few months, get all shined up by the blue hair brigade, blow my sirens for the kids a linin’ the parade route, and then get tucked back beside Viola, my ’49 ladder truck roommate.